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Parlour the latest labor of love from the partners behind the iconic Bar 355. Linda Bradford, Travis Dutton, and Patrick Lynch have been planning a restaurant since the beginning of their partnership, and had a vision of a seasonal, ingredient-driven menu that draws upon the bounty of top-quality local producers.
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Italian Influenced
Bay Area Cuisine

Parlour’s Italian influenced, Bay Area cuisine showcases the beautiful wood-fired oven that is the centerpiece of the open kitchen, while the bar offers classic and modern cocktails with an assortment of carefully curated spirits, wines, and beer.

Classic and Modern

foreign affair cocktail from Parlour Oakland
Parlour’s Italian influenced, Bay Area cuisine showcases the beautiful wood-fired oven that is the centerpiece of the open kitchen, while the bar offers classic and modern cocktails with an assortment of carefully curated spirits, wines, and beer.

A Few Reviews ...

See what some of our loyal customers have to say about our company. We take great pride in ensuring the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

T. West

We were walking around looking at all the new restaurants and stumbled upon this little gem. ... The smell of the brussels sprouts wafted over from the next table, and although we thoroughly enjoyed our salads (chop salad and green salad) we couldn’t help but notice what everyone else was eating. Will have to return when we have more time and bigger appetites. This place is a winner!

      We used to come here pre covid quite a bit and were excited to return. Food was fine, though squid ink pasta wasn't great and came with a weird mutilated entire half of a big tomato on one.

    The real problem was that the service was just really bad, I hate to say it. They seemed nice, maybe they were trying. Everything was insanely slow even though hardly anyone was there. We were asked if we wanted dessert after we'd been waiting a half hour since our starters, for just two pastas. Our drinks ordered for the main dish finished long ago. No thanks on dessert, but our pasta would be great? Took another ten minutes. Then forever for the check. I guess since I'm already complaining I might as well also note my glass of red wine was super warm and full of floating bits.

    Sad to cross this one off our list.

    thumb Eva S.

      *Open for indoor dining, outdoor dining, and takeout*

    Came here on Thursday night for dinner with two friends. We had a reservation, but didn't need one at 6:00pm when we went.

    Service and staff:
    Staff was friendly. Did seem like the staff was pretty new. Our waitress asked what I wanted, then I responded. She asked what my friends wanted, and they responded. Then she asked me again what I said I had wanted. She did this every time though.

    Fair warning - dishes are on the smaller side here, and perhaps a little small for the price.
    - Margherita pizza: pizzas come with 6 slices. Can be enough for one person's meal, or to share amongst 2-3 people. Flavor was good.
    - Allium, Allium, Allium! Pizza: ordered this vegetarian pizza, which was better than I thought it would taste. Leeks, onion, and arugula were the more prominent flavors of all the toppings.
    - Radiatore: this was my favorite dish of them all. Quite small in size (not enough to be a full meal for one person), but the flavor was tasty. The lamb ragu is very tender.
    - Burrata di Stefano: this was an interesting take on burrata with bread. Comes with three pieces of toasted bread. The snap peas threw me off a little bit, but the crunch from the sea salt added to the texture of the overall dish.
    - Gelato: comes with strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate (I thought you chose one flavor, but it comes with all three!)
    - Strawberry Panna Cotta: this dessert was interesting. It tasted like a margherita pizza. It comes with basil and another savory aspect that makes it way more of a savory dessert than your typical sweet panna cotta.

    Overall, I thought the restaurant was good. The dishes were small for their price, so the bill racked up very quickly. The service, pricing, and sizing of dishes are what stopped this from being a four-star review for me.

    thumb Mel S.

      Mid, mid, mid. Not good, not bad ... just mid. And I hate to say this about a neighborhood spot! I was really excited to try this place since it's a 2 minute walk from our apartment but it was so forgettable I feel almost bamboozled. We ordered:

    Gnocchi: small portion size and just okay; our server even mentioned it was a small dish, and encouraged us to order a side to beef things up. So we did --

    Broccoli and Romesco: for $10 you get maybe 8 florets of broccoli with a few dots of sauce. This was kinda wild.

    Meatballs: didn't taste fresh; meat was too tightly bound and sauce tasted bland and boring. I appreciate the slight hint of red pepper heat in there, though. Focaccia that came with it I could make better at home.

    Wild mushroom arancini: this is the dish that took this review up to three stars. It was really good! Three decent sized balls with good mushroom flavor.

    Margarita pizza: just okay; crust was the best part about it.

    Service was very blah, bordering on awkward at times, and it was a Friday night. Bummer.

    thumb Heidi O.

      We were in Oakland for the marathon.  Parlour was the only "Italian" within walking distance from our 4 different hotels.  I looked at their menu online.  There are 2 different ones.  I called the restaurant 2 days beforehand. I explained our situation and asked they generally had pasta specials beside the 3 (octopus, lamb shank bolognese, and gnocchi.  When we got there, there were no specials, AND no gnocchi!  Not wonderful.

    thumb Glenn R.